08 March 2012

Wild animals killed 86 people in Mozambique in 2011

The Government of Mozambique has announced some data regarding wildlife-human related incidents in 2011. According to Government spokesperson Alberto Nkutumula, at least 86 people were killed by animals in Mozambique in 2011 and another 60 people were injured by wild animals during the same period. Most incidents were caused by crocodiles, which killed 47 people in Mozambique, followed by elephants (20 people) and hippos (13 people).
Mozambican wildlife authorities culled a total of 336 animals in 2011 to counter the problem (250 crocodiles, 46 elephants, 17 hippos, 13 buffalos, 4 lions, 3 snakes, 2 hyenas & 1 leopard).
The areas worst affected in 2011 are the Zambezi River basin and the central province of Sofala.

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