29 March 2012

Namibia: daylight saving time ends on 01 April 2012

On 01 April 2012, time in Namibia will change from UTC+2 to UTC+1. The time will change at 02:00am (from 02:00am to 01:00am). Time will not change in the Caprivi strip, as this area is not subject to summer and winter time changes. Daylight saving time will resume again on 02 Sept 2012.
Only Mororcco and Namibia are currently using daylight saving time on the African continent.

31 March 2012 - sunrise: 06:59am | sunset: 18:52(pm)
01 April 2012 - sunrise: 06:00am | sunset: 17:51(pm)
Sunrise and sunset times may vary from place to place depending on latitude and longitude.

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