31 October 2011

Zambia: Zambezi Airlines grounded

update (05 March 2012): Zambezi Airlines' website is down. No good sign!

update (20 Jan 2012): The government of Zambia has restored the operating certificate of Zambezi Airlines but planes will not be allowed to fly until it meets several other financial and safety requirements. Zambia's Transport and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga stated the lifting of the suspension was procedural but a tribunal will have to determine whether the requirements were met during the suspension before the carrier can operate again.
update (05 Jan 2012): Zambian airline Zambezi Airlines is still grounded. No further updates currently expected.

update (16 Dec 2011): Zambian airline Zambezi Airlines is still grounded.

update (22 Nov 2011): One of the Zambezi Airlines Planes which was damaged at Lusaka International Airport in May this year has returned to Zambia after undergoing a successful six months repair works in South Africa. [more]

update (22 Nov 2011): Lusaka high court Judge, Anessie Bobo has reserved ruling on an application for judicial review filed by Zambezi Airline. [more]

update (03 Nov 2011): According to btnow.co.za, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that it has suspended Zambezi Airlines with immediate effect.

Zambezi Airlines, a privately owned airline based in Lusaka (Zambia), got suspended from operating on reasons of failing to adhere to safety and schedule regulations as required in the aviation sector by the Zambian Government. As a result at least 40 passengers on their way to South Africa were left stranded at the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula Airport in Livingstone on Saturday. Pls contact Zambezi Airlines, if you got tickets for flights with the airline as they are meant to be making alternative arrangements for people with tickets already booked.

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