12 October 2011

Hermanus promotional video

The town of Hermanus, situated on the shores of the Walker Bay about 120km from Cape Town, is known as the best land based whale watching spot in the world. But the town offers more than just whale watching - Hermanus is also known for its long stretches of beach, the mild climate, the rich floral kingdom and its friendly environment. That is at least what the promotional video about Hermanus below is telling its viewers.

click here to watch the video!

But to make it clear - Hermanus is defo worth a stop on your way from or to Cape Town. It is a pretty relaxed town with perfect shore-based whale watching between June and November, nice beaches as well as loads of accommodation establishments and restaurants. And Hermanus also offers you an easy access to the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, which is part of the smallest but richest floral kingdom in the world, the Cape Floral Kingdom. Enjoy Hermanus!


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