26 October 2011

Volunteer at a safari lodge in Africa

Departures: Departures are flexible and can be arranged to suit you but will depend on local weather conditions and seasons.
Price: From £2400 (12 weeks) excluding flights. In rare circumstances there may be an increase in cost, such as when the hosts are unable to get local park fees, in these cases the cost will be confirmed on application.

How this holiday makes a difference?
We work very closely with the lodges we are involved with, all driven with the underlying ethos that the conservation of tomorrow is based on the strong relationship between local people, the environment and eco-lodges. The success of one helps the other and so together they help build a better future for developing communities. For example: the lodges provide employment and therefore a valuable, reliable income. This income can be spent on education and buying basic provisions and very often supports a large extended family as well as the individual employed. Indirectly the communities will be more respectful of the environment and its wildlife realizing that without the animals there will be no tourists and then no job – a very effective way to reduce poaching!
On a smaller scale, the lodges and camps we work with are predominantly built out of local materials often using solar power and rainwater. They strive to make a minimal impact on the environment and adhere to strict rules about litter, recycling, carbon footprints and the responsible use of vehicles within National Parks.
By working in these camps you will be integral in helping educate not only the local communities about long term sustainability but also the tourists who visit, many of whom will be experiencing Africa for the first time. Education is an important aspect of a placement and an investment in the future stability and interest in these fragile environments, both locally and internationally.
Approximately 60% of the cost of the scheme is given to the camp who spend this on their ongoing local community projects or environmental initiatives. In some camps it is even possible to become directly related in teaching English to local children and in most you’ll be required to help conserve the environment for example by helping to detect and remove snares from the bush or rehabilitating injured animals. 

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