27 October 2010

Why traditional wildlife conservation seems failing and what we can do to fix it!

Traditional wildlife conservation seems to be failing (eg see: Africa: National parks hit by mammal declines), biodiversity loss is continuing, the species we've set out to protect are more endangered than ever etc.. To sum it up - it has to be done something!
Dr Alan Rabinowitz is one the few conservationists who keeps on addressing the problems and who is giving actual solutions on how to get back on the course of successfull wildlife conservation at the same time. Rabinowitz is the CEO of Panthera – a nonprofit conservation organization devoted to protecting the world's 36 wild cat species, and one of the world's leading (and most charismatic) wildlife conservationists.
  • In Myanmar, his work led to the creation of five new protected wildlife areas; 
  • in South America he opened up the the world’s first jaguar sanctuary – the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve (Belize); 
  • in Thailand, he conducted the first ever radio telemetry research on Asiatic leopards, Asian leopard cats, and civets, leading to the designation of the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. 
  • There are way more projects he started that led to new protected areas, National Parks, preserves etc. Have a look on wikipedia for more.
Anyway, Treehugger.com's Brian Merchant met Dr Alan Rabinowitz for an interview recently and filmed it. In the interview (see videos below) Rabinowitz explains why he thinks that the traditional model of wildlife conservation is failing and what his ideas are to fix it!

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