15 October 2010

Getaway Mag: Johan Bakkes is one hell of a traveller

South Africa's Getaway Magazine is the country's #1 travel and outdoor magazine. It's a kinda must buy for all travellers coming to South Africa. Getaway just published a remarkable interview in their online edion - remarkle, because it is statements like
"I travel on the cheap side, because I couldn't afford it otherwise. But it also changes the whole travel milieu. The moment hardship is there, you can relate to the locals and they realise that you're in the same situation, so they open up more. I believe that travel is experiencing the places with the people, because the people make the place and vice versa. I'm not really very philosophical, but that's what makes travel interesting for me."
that are simply making an interview outstanding. And the interview Getaway's Alison Westwood did with South African travel writer Johan Bakkes is defo one of them! More on Getaway.co.za

Get Johan Bakkes' book "To Hell And Gone" 

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