15 October 2010

Amazing video about Namibia's desert elephants

Namibia is home to a unique population of so-called desert elephants that have adapted to the arid, and sometimes inhospitable, climate of the Namib desert. They are mostly found in the Damaraland region in the northwest part of the country. Those elephants can go for days without drinking water, but thanks to their amazing memory they acutally know where to find the rare, but essential, water in the desert.

Thx to Johan from planyoursafari.com for telling me about the vid!

Volunteer project: Desert Elephant conservation in Namibia >>
This project takes you to Namibia, Africa and the north-western regions of the Namib Desert, traditionally known as ‘Damaraland’. Here in this harsh tribal wilderness that runs parallel to the Skeleton Coast National Park, a small population of desert-adapted elephants have come into conflict with the local human population, and it is the aim of this volunteer project to manage the conflict and assist in its resolution
This project is not about being an observer of conservation from the comfort of a game drive vehicle. Volunteers will spend days out in the desert on patrol, camping wild and living close to the earth, elephants and people.
This project’s emphasis is on the building of protective structures around communal water points, creation of additional water points for elephants, assisting with, and teaching the farmers how they can financially benefit from tourism in the area, researching elephant movements, distribution and compiling identikits on herds and individuals. All work takes place in the vicinity of the rustic base camp in the Ugab River, at the foot of the majestic Brandberg.

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