04 October 2010

new movie: "Africa United" (2010)

Africa United is a road movie about five children who travel 4800km (3000 miles) to reach the FIFA Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Their backgrounds are as diverse as the continent - Fabrice, a middle-class football protégé; Dudu, a Rwandan Aids orphan with a true sense of determination; Beatrice, his God-loving and gentle little sister; Celeste, a proud teenage sex worker; and Foreman George, a traumatised former child soldier from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

On the way to the vital selection trial, disaster strikes when Fabrice, Dudu and Beatrice board the wrong bus and cross into the Congo. Without papers, money or a believable story, they are escorted to a children's refugee camp. But with considerable ingenuity and sass (and a World Cup wall chart for a map), our pint-sized heroes escape the camp and set off in pursuit of their dream, picking up along the way a “dream team” of displaced kids, who help them negotiate a series of thrilling and hilarious adventures.

The movie gonna hit the cinemas in the UK from 22 Oct 2010. I couldn't find any other release dates... not even on imdb.com.

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