27 November 2009

"Alternative Views" documentary: Free Namibia (1980)

Free Namibia is a documentary by J├╝rgen Bergs, Simone di Bagno & Mark Robbis and was produced by the United Nations in 1978 (?). It was also shown on "Alternative Views" - a public affairs program in the US (1978 - 1998) featuring news, interviews and opinion pieces from a progressive political perspective.

In a shocking and moving documentary we see the terrible living conditions and racism under which the Black majority lives in Namibia and the growing resistance to white rule imposed by South African troops. Also, two guests provide us the latest information about the Namibian situation, particularly the action of the allied countries - U.S. and South Africa. [src.: archive.org]

also visit www.archive.org to watch and/or download the the complete documentary (ca. 60min) aired by "Alternative Views".

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