12 November 2009

BBC documentary podcast: A Dollar a Day

BBC journalist Mike Woodbridge travels to Nicaragua, Namibia & Nepal investigating why billions of people worldwide are trapped in the most persistent poverty. In three podcasts the poor describe their daily struggle that has been worsened by the global economic crisis.

A Dollar a Day - Part 1 (Wed, 4 Nov 09)
Duration: 24 mins
What keeps a billion people trapped in the most persistent poverty? Mike Wooldridge travels to Nicaragua to meet Justa who hoped for a better life after the Sandinista revolution. [more info & download]

A Dollar a Day - Part 2 (Wed, 11 Nov 09)
Duration: 24 mins
Thrown off nearby farms at the time of Namibia’s independence, the squatters of Otjivero lived a hand-to-mouth existence. Last year a scheme was established to give every inhabitant a basic cash grant of US$10 a month, to spend as they wanted. School enrolment has shot up, small businesses are springing up, and the nurse at the local clinic says malnutrition rates amongst the children have dropped. [more info & download]

A Dollar a Day - Part 3 (Wed, 18 Nov 09)
Duration: 23 mins
In Nepal, severe drought and unreliable monsoon rains have led to acute food shortages. The impact is felt most by people like Charuri who is struggling to feed three children and cannot afford the medical help she needs.
[more info & download]

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