04 February 2021

Western Cape: Five new farms in the Cape Winelands awarded Conservation Champion status!

WWF South Africa has announced that five new farms in the Cape Winelands in South Africa's Western Cape have been awarded Conservation Champion status in the past six months. Conservation Champion farms are committed to regenerative farming practices, including conserving natural systems and biodiversity on their land and optimal water and energy efficiency.  

The five farms to have joined the programme are: 

WWF South Africa supports Conservation Champion farms in their environmental efforts by co-developing detailed environmental management plans, setting tangible targets and helping them to prioritise actions to address their most pressing envionmental risks. In exchange for their commitment to nature and adhering to WWF's high standards, the Conservation Champions can use the distinctive sugarbird and protea logo on their wine bottles so consumers can make an informed choice to support our environmental wine leaders.

WWF South Africa's Conservation Champion programme was initiated in 2004 and was originally called the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI). A total of 45 Conservation Champion farms are currently part of the the programme.

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