15 March 2016

Botswana & Zimbabwe: New border post to open in May 2016!

update (28 June 2016): The border's name on the Botswana side is Mabolwe Border Post.
The construction of a 9.1 km gravel road leading to the recently opened Mlambapheli Border Post (Zimbabwe) has been completed.
From 01 June 2016 to date (26 June 2016), a total of 1,122 used the new border post between Botswana and Zimbabwe.

update (02 June 2016)
: The Mlambapeli Border Post between Zimbabwe and Botswana opened to the public on 01 June 2016; it will be officially opened on 11 June 2016. The border will be operating from 06:00 to 18:00 daily.

update (04 May 2016): According to news report, the opening of the Mlambapeli Border Post between Zimbabwe and Botswana has been postponed due to delays in the construction work. The new opening date is expected to be 01 June 2016. 

Zimbabwe and Botswana are set to open a new border post between the two countries. Mlambapeli Border Post, located in the southern part of the Gwanda District in the province of Matabeleland South, is expected to open in May 2016. Botswana already finished constructing border facilities in 2008, while Zimbabwe has not yet (!) started building structures. According to Zimbabwean newspaper "The Chronicle" (online edition), the government of Zimbabwe has in the meantime indicated that it will move with haste to put up structures before the border opens in two months' time. A new road will also be constructed on the Zimbabwean side for easy access of the new Mlambapeli Border Post.

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  1. Finishing the infrastructure in two months seems like a bit of a stretch. Still, good news if the border post opens though.