23 August 2019

Cape Town: Keizersgracht to get its old name back! [update]

update (24 September 2019): Keizersgracht Street in Cape Town's CBD has officially been renamed back to Hanover Street

The City of Cape Town has approved the renaming of Keizersgracht in Cape Town's CBD to its old name, Hanover Street. The street was the heart of District Six before the area was demolished and divided up between the suburbs of Walmer Estate, Zonnebloem and Lower Vrede. The name change was requested by the District Six Working Committee, an advocacy group of former residents who are land claimants and are still waiting to be moved back to the area, in June 2019. It is not yet clear when the formal renaming ceremony will be held, but the District Six Working Committee already started planning an event for South Africa's Heritage Day on 24 September 2019.

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