13 December 2018

South Africa: FlySafair & Air France-KLM have signed an interline agreement!

South African regional carrier FlySafair and Air France-KLM have signed an interline agreement. The new cooperation, which took effect on 11 December 2018, enables travellers to book just one ticket with two flight segments for intercontinental flights between Europa and South Africa with Air France-KLM and domestic (connecting) flights within South Africa with FlySafair. The interline agreement also includes baggage transfer at the connecting airport.
Air France-KLM currently operates flights between Paris (Air France & Joon) and Cape Town, between Amsterdam (KLM) and
Cape Town, between Paris (Air France) and Johannesburg as well as between Amsterdam (KLM) and Johannesburg. FlySafair's domestic network in South Africa includes Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, George, East London and Durban.

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