04 December 2018

KwaZulu-Natal: iSimangaliso Wetland Park has increased gate access fees!

The management of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, has increased the gate access fees as well as the fees for activity permits on 01 December 2018. The gate access fee at Bhangazi Gate (Eastern Shores), Ophansi Gate, eMshopi Gate (uMkuze), Dukuduku Gate and Nholzi Gate (Western Shores) is now R51.00 for adults and R37.00 for children (under the age of 12). The vehicle entry charge got increased to R61.00 (1 - 5 vehicles). The fee at Sodwana Bay is R23.00/R19.00/R32.00, at Coastal Forest R28.00/R16.00/R29.00, at Maphelange and False Bay R45.00/R27.00/R20 and at Kosi Bay R55.00/R28.00/R56.00. The Community Conservation Levy remains at R5.00/person. For more information, including the increased fees for activity permits, see the download section of iSimangaliso's website.

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