06 September 2017

Ethiopian Airlines & Malawian Airlines to operate domestic flights in Mozambique!

update (07 Sept 2017): The Mozambican Civil Aviation Institute (IACM) launched a public tender for the allocation of domestic, regional and intercontinental routes, and asked interested Mozambican and foreign companies to apply for them in April 2017. Ethiopian Airlines and Malawi Airlines have been selected by the IACM to explore these routes under the public tender. While Ethiopian Airlines has expressed an interest in exploring all domestic routes set out in the tender, Malawi Airlines only has interest in specific domestic routes.

According to the Portuguese edition of Voice of America (VOA), the Instituto de Aviação Civil de Moçambique (Mozambican Civil Aviation Institute; IACM) has granted Ethiopian Airlines and Malawian Airlines the right to operate domestic flights in Mozambique. The airlines have up to three month to start operations in Mozambique; otherwise Ethiopian Airlines and Malawian Airlines will lose their freedom rights (#8/#9?) in Mozambique.

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