03 March 2017

South Africa <> Botswana: Four border posts currently closed due to flooding!

Travellers planning to travel from South Africa to Botswana via the Zanzibar Border Post (R561), the Platjan Border Post or the Pontdrift Border Post (R521) are advised that these three border crossings in Limpopo are currently closed due to over-flooding. Travellers are advised to use the Grobler's Bridge Border Post (N11) / Martin's Drift Border Post (B140) instead. The border post is open daily from 06:00 - 22:00.
The Zanzibar Border Post is already closed since 16 Januar 2017, while the Platjan Border Post is closed since 24 February 2017. Water levles at Pontdrift Border Post have dropped, but travellers are still unable to cross the border.
On the
Botswana side, the Bray Border Post (South Africa: R375) is currently closed to due flooding. Travellers are advised to use the Makopong Border Post (A20; South Africa: R375) instead.

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