28 March 2017

Namibia to switch back to "winter time" in April 2017!

update (29 March 2017): I Love Swakopmund just posted on its facebook page that the office of the Erongo Regional Council has confirmed the winter time change to take place on 02 April 2017.

Namibia might currently be discussing the abolition of winter time (UTC+1), but as long as the Namibia Time Act of 1994, through which winter time was introduced in Namibia, is not getting replaced by the Namibia Time Act of 2017, which will see the implementation of a countrywide single standard time (UTC+2; summer time), time in Namibia will change from summer time to winter time on 02 April 2017. The official time change will take place at 02:00am (from 02:00am to 01:00am). In case everything remains as it is in Namibia, time will change back to summer time on the first Sunday in September 2017 (03 September 2017). Time does not change in the Zambezi Region (until 2013 known as the Caprivi Region) in Namibia's north, as this area is not subject to summer and winter time changes.

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