04 December 2015

Namibia: The long-awaited Oshakati Open Market in Oshakati to open soon!

The long-awaited Oshakati Open Market in Oshakati, which was initially planned to open in June 2014, will soon be inaugurated. According to media reports in Namibia, the Oshakati's town council plans open the new venue "shortly after the elections" (27 Nov 2015). The new Oshakati Open Market will house retail stalls, a public meeting hall, an administrative office, an information kiosk, public toilets, a children's playground, a seasonal food market, cold storage facilities, a craft market, a braai and raw meat market, a 37 metre (12 floor) high observation tower and a bus terminal. A total of 600 vendors can be accommodated in the market. The new bus terminal will be the only official bus stop in Oshakati; buses will not be allowed to operate from other places in town.

Oshakati Open Market: opening soon
Posted by Oshakati Town Council on Saturday, 13 June 2015

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