30 December 2015

Zimbabwe: Eight rhinos killed by poachers in 2015!

According to Oscar Nkala, a guest blogger on National Geographic's "A Voice for Elephants", Zimbabwe lost eight rhinos to poaching in 2015. During 2014, a total of six rhinos were killed by poachers, 20 rhinos in 2013 and 66 rhinos in 2012. Zimbabwe is home to Africa's fourth largest rhino population, estimated at 766 in 2014, after South Africa, Kenya and Namibia. 90% of the country’s rhinos have been removed from high-risk poaching areas to Intensive Conservation Zones (essentially protected breeding areas in selected game reserves). These protected breeding areas are in Matobo, Bubye Valley, Save Valley, Hwange (Sinamatella Camp), Sebakwe, Chivero, Malilangwe and Imire Conservancy.

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