18 August 2015

Kenya: No more "visa on arrival" from 01 September 2015!

update (11 September 2015): Kenya's President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta announced that manual visa applications at the port of entries into the country will continue until such a time as the newly introduced e-Visa is fully operational.

update (07 September 2015): For a limited period of 60 days (01 September - 30 October 2015), there will be four e-visa kiosks at Jomo Kenyatta Inernational Airport (NBO) in Nairobi which will allow guests to apply for visas on arrival (long delays expected). Payments for visas on arrival can only be paid by debit card. Cash and credit cards on arrival are not accepted.

update (02 August 2015): East Africa specialist Wolfgang H. Thome reports on his blog that Kenya's Department of Immigration installed separate desks at the main airport of Nairobi to apparently facilitate visitors coming to the country who failed to secure an e-Visa in time of else failed to apply for one online in the first place. It could not be ascertained if the facility also exists in Mombasa to where all of the charter flights from Europe come.  
update (24 Aug 2015): The government of Kenya has launched a new website dedicated to the E-Visa. This will allow applicants to easily go straight to the E-Visa application away from the clutter of other Government services currently offered on the E-Citizen website. The new (and current) website is mobile phone enabled which means applicants can complete the application from an internet enabled mobile phone.

eCitizen - Gateway to All Government Services

The government of Kenya has launched an online visa application platform. From 01 September 2015 all travellers, who were previously eligible to purchase a visa to Kenya on arrival, will now be required to purchase a visa online in advance of travel. Travellers requiring a visa will be asked to produce a printed copy of it at check-in; travellers without the required visa will not be accepted for travel in Kenya.

eCitizen - Gateway to All Government Services

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