08 July 2015

Malawi to introduce a new "visa regime" in October 2015!

update (12 Oct 2015): Visa New Regime October 2015 ­ Official document:

update (22 Sept 2015): The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated its Malawi travel advice. According to the FCO, it has so far not been advised of the process or requirements of the new visa regime in Malawi which is supposed to come in effect on 01 October 2015. Given the possibility of arrangements being implemented at short notice the FCO advises those visiting Malawi to bring cash in US dollars to cover any possible entry requirements.

update (15 July 2015): According to the latest foreign travel advice Malawi by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Malawian government has announced that it intends to introduce a visa regime for visitors from any country requiring visas for Malawian Citizens visiting their country of citizenship from 01 October 2015.

update (13 July 2015): According to Ulendo Safaris, a tour operator and travel service provider from Malawi, airport immigration in Malawi have started charging the USD75 "entry fee" for visitors on 11 July 2015.

NEW ENTRY FEE FOR VISITORS TO MALAWI (Effective 11 July 2015)How's this for a cracking Monday morning!We like...
Posted by Ulendo Safaris on Monday, 13 July 2015

Malawi's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released an update regarding the introduction of an "entry fee" for visitors from any country requiring visas for Malawian Citizens visiting their country of citizenship. 
The Ministry has confirmed this would be the introduction of a new "visa regime" rather than simply an "entry fee". The implementation of the new "visa regime" in Malawi has been postponed from 01 July 2015 to 01 October 2015. The visa will be available on entry on payment of US Dollars in cash. An electronic payment system is, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, currently at an advanced stage. Holders of long term permits will be treated as returning residents and will therefore be exempt from the new visa regime. We will keep you posted!

The visa costs will be as follows:

  • Transit valid 7 days – USD50/person
  • Single entry valid 3 months – USD75/person
  • Multi entry valid 6 months – USD150/person
  • Multi entry valid 12 months – USD250/person

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