13 July 2015

Gauteng: Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve to reopen!

The the 11 500-hectare Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, located about one hour from Johannesburg near the twon of Heidelberg, will be reopened this week (29/2015). The reserve was closed since January 2015 after management said it could not guarantee the safety and health of visitors because of problems with the water supply due to a burst pipe. Parts of the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, including the the main gate, Diepkloof picnic site, the farm museum and the 4.4km Cheetah hiking trail and the 11.5km Bokmakierrie hiking trail, already reopened on 16 June 2015. The remaing parts of the reserve, including the self-guided game drives and Holhoek picnic site, will reopen on 15 July 2015.

The Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve is one of the best places in Gauteng for cycling, hiking or picnicking among magnificent fauna and flora. Over 200 bird species have been identified in the reserve. Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve is also home to Aardvark, Black Wildebeest, Brown Hyena, Baboon, Eland, Kudu, Porcupine, Small-spotted Genet, Springok and Zebra. The reserve takes its name from the Transvaal suikerbos or sugarbush (Protea caffra) that outnumbers all plants and vegetation in the reserve.

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