30 June 2015

Free poster download: "The Dangerous Snakes of Namaqualand"!

Herpetologist Johan Marais, author of "A Complete Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa" (available in South Africa via kalahari.net), has published a new poster about the dangerous snakes of the Namaqualand. The poster is available as a free download in high resolution and is designed to be printed in A3 (or A4). To download the poster click here (pdf, 7mb) or here (jpg, 100kb)! Kudos & many thanks, Johan!

Click here to download it (pdf, 7mb, A3) for free!

The Namaqualand, located along South Africa's west coast, stretches from beyond Garies in the south to the Orange River in the north and from Pofadder in the east to the Atlantic coastline in the west. This vast and varied region turns into a "rainbow country" after the annual winter rainfalls. Hard to belief in summer, but this region is home to the phenomenon of wild flower appearance, which is probably unique in the world. The flower season peaks between early August and late September and its delights depend on the winter rains (the official flower season runs every year from 01 August - 30 September), so some years are better than others. If there has been a steady flow of cold fronts during the winter, then it is likely to be a good flower season. However spring temperatures are also important. If it heats up too quickly then the early visitors have glorious sunshine but the flowers do not last very long.

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