16 January 2015

South Africa: ACSA to enforce hand luggage regulations!

update (30 Jan 2015): Although other airline customers may take only 7kg on board as hand luggage, South Afircan Airways (SAA) has an exemption from South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) which allows SAA customers to take cabin baggage weighing up to 8kg.

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) will roll out a campaign from 02 Feb 2015 at all of its nine airports in South Africa to enforce hand luggage regulations. According to ACSA, the campaign will inform and educate passengers about the prescribed restrictions and the impact on travellers. The enforcement of this programme will be led by airlines operating at ACSA airports and supported by the airport authority.

The current allowance is:
  • One (1) bag plus one slimline laptop bag per economy class passenger
  • Two (2) bags plus slimline laptop bag per business/first class passenger
  • No bag should exceed these dimensions: 56cm + 36cm + 23cm (total dimensions of 115cm)
  • Weight limit per bag: 7kg
  • Passengers who exceed the hand baggage limits will be subject to the specific airline’s excess baggage rules
Note: The reference to a slimline laptop bag above refers to the bag size and thickness specifically designed to carry a laptop and charger, and does not include bags capable of carrying other items such as documents and clothes.

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