27 May 2014

Video guide: Braamfontein in Johannesburg

Braamfontein, located north of Johannesburg's city centre, is one of the top must see spots in South Africa's largest city. The suburb, which used to be a thriving business district until the late 1980's, experienced urban decay during the 1990's and was only regenerated through a massive investment by the city in the early 2000's. The Braamfontein of today is a commercially and culturally diverse business district, which compromises a mix of office blocks, student accommodation, restaurants, retail outlets, colleges, theatres and hotels. Protein, an international advertising agency, recently published a video guide of Braamfontein, that will definitely put "Brammies" on your bucket list for South Africa. Kudos Protein!

Protein Guide: Braamfontein from Protein® Mainframe on Vimeo.

The following restaurants/markets/cafes/shops are featured in the video:

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