14 May 2014

AfriSki Mountain Resort: Winter season kicks off at 05 June 2014

Most travellers coming to Southern Africa from overseas probably don't expect to go skiing or snowboarding in this part of the world. But hey, why not? AfriSki Mountain Resort, for instance, is one of only two skiing resorts in Southern Africa that offers winter skiing and snowboarding each year by way of natural and man-made snow to all from beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders. This year's winter season at AfriSki, which is located 3,322 m above sea-level in the Maloti Mountains in Lesotho, kicks of at 05 June 2014 and lasts until 31 August 2014.

AfriSki Mountain Resort can be accessed from South Africa via the Caledonspoort Border Post at Fouriesburg. Once through the border post and into Lesotho, the scenic Moteng Pass leads you to the the Mahlasela valley at 3,222m above sea level. It takes about 90min from the border post to the AfriSki resort (mind the occasional potholes, speed limit 80km/h, distance: 73km). The border post is open daily from 06:00am to 22:00pm. Please fill up your car at Bethlehem or in the Lesotho town of Butha Buthe, just over the Caledonspoort Border Post.

btw - the only other skiing resort in Southern Africa - besides the AfriSki Mountain Resort - is the Tiffindell Ski Resort in the Eastern Cape Highlands in South Africa. Go check it out!

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