13 May 2014

TAZARA: All train operations in Tanzania are currently suspended due to strike action

update (30 May 2014): TAZARA: Train operations in Tanzania to resume after strike action!

We just got information from the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) that, due to a strike of its unionised workers in Tanzania, the railway has announced the suspension of both freight and passenger operations between Dar es Salaam and Tunduma until further notice. However, normal operations continue between Nakonde and New Kapiri Mposhi on the Zambian side. TAZARA's unionised workers in Tanzania - inclunging some workers at the Kasama station in Zambia - are on strike because of unpaid salaries for February, in some cases, and for March and April 2014, in all cases. In a press release the management of TAZARA ensured that all efforts are being made to resolve the situation and ensure that normal operations resume as quickly as possible.

View TAZARA strike May 2014 in a larger map

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