16 November 2012

Namibia: Pilot strike grounds Air Namibia

update (29 Nov 2012): Air Namibia and the Namibian Airline Pilots Association (Napa) concluded negotiations and signed on to an 5% increase on the total package. Air Namibia's normal flight schedule will resume today. Pls read Air Namibia's official press statement (pdf).

update (29 Nov 2012): According to a post on Tourbrief's facebook page, Air Namibia has confirmed that the strike by pilots has ended. We keep you posted! 

update (28 Nov 2012): Air Namibia has released an update on the airline's operations during the ongoing pilots strike (pdf). There have been on-going negotiations between the airline and its pilots, but sadly no agreement has been reached so far.
  • All domestic flights continue uninterrupted.
  • Regional flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town have been reduced from three flights per day to two.
  • Regional flights to Accra, Lusaka, Harare and Gaborone have been temporarily suspended.
  • Regional flights to and from Maun and Victoria Falls are operating as normal.
  • Regional flights to and from Luanda are operating as normal.
  • International flights to Frankfurt, Germany, have continued with few disruptions. Flights to and from Frankfurt on 29 November 2012, 1st and 2nd December 2012 have been cancelled. The next flights to and from Frankfurt will be on 28 and 30 November 2012 and on 3 December 2012. An update for the period beyond 3rd December 2012 will be issued in due course.
  • Air Namibia has granted passengers an opportunity to reschedule or cancel their flights during this period at no additional cost. 
  • Passengers on cancelled flights are being rerouted on other airlines

update (26 Nov 2012): Air Namibia has announced that flight SW285/286 (Windhoek <> Frankfurt) on Monday 26 November 2012, will be cancelled. In addition, Air Namibia has amended the schedule for the period 27 - 29 November 2012, and SW285 flight will change operation to 12 hours earlier, i.e. 08:10 a.m. (Namibian time). Click here to download Air Namibia's revised schedule (pdf)!

update (21 Nov 2012): Negotiations over salary increments between Air Namibia and the Namibian Airline Pilots Association (Napa) continue to stall.
update (20 Nov 2012): Air Namibia has released an new and revised flight schedule (domestic, regional and international) for flights operating from today until 26 Nov 2012. Click here (pdf) to download it!

update: (19 Nov 2012): Air Namibia has released an new press release "UPDATES ON AIR NAMIBIA’S PILOTS INDUSTRIAL ACTION" (pdf)

update (19 Nov 2012):
According to Namibia's Allgemeine Zeitung, the daily connection between Windhoek <> Frankfurt might today or tomorrow be affected by the ongoing strike of Air Namibia's pilots. > the flight Frankfurt <> Windhoek (SW9285), scheduled to depart Frankfurt today at 17:20 local time, got canceled!


update (18 Nov 2012):
Air Namibia has announced that no international flights are affected by the industrial action undertaken by pilots. Click here to download the airline's revised flight schedule (as of 16 Nov 2012).

update (16 Nov 2012):
To download Air Namibia's current revised flight schedule, here (pdf)!

Following failed salary negotiations between the pilots of the cash-strapped national airline of Namibia, Air Namibia, and the airline, 14 flights scheduled for today (16 Nov 2012) and tomorrow (17 Nov 2012) have been cancelled due to a strike of the pilots. Domestic, regional and international flights are affected.
According to Air Namibia's spokesman, Paulus Nakawa, a contingency plan is in place to ensure minimum disruptions to the airline's operations. A new contingency plan will be announced on 17 Nov 2012 for Sunday's (18 Nov 2012) scheduled flights, if the strike is not over by then.

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