22 November 2012

Al Jazeera documentary "The Last Rhino" (47 min)

In the well compiled documentary "The Last Rhino" Al Jazeera's correspondent Jonah Hull investigates how South Africa became the epicentre of rhino poaching in the world. He travels around South Africa, Mozambique and Vietnam and interviews conservationists such as Dr Joseph Okori (WWF, African Rhino Manager), Tom Milliken (Traffic, Director East, Southern Africa) and Dr Ian Player (Founder of The Wilderness Foundation), as well as Major Jack Greeff of the Anti Poaching Intelligence Group Southern Africa and Kobus de Velt, a manager of a CIS unit in the Kruger National Park. While in Mozambique, Hull speaks to members of a familiy of a killed poacher, to an "influential business man" and to an alleged poacher. Towards the end of the documentary Hull visits the game farm of South Africa's largest private rhino breeder, John Hume, and interviews him about his motives. All in all a very interesting, but shocking documentary. Kudos at Jonah Hull, Clifford Bestall and Al Jazeera.

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