11 October 2012

South African Airways to resume Cape Town <> London direct flights?

According to the new chairman of the South African Airways board, Vuyisile Kona, the airline wants to resume direct flights between Cape Town <> London. Speaking on "The Keno Kamies" show on 567 Cape Talk radio on 10 Oct 2012, Vuyisile Kona said he does not understand why the previous management decided to suspend flights between the two destinations. He further said that it will be a challenge to get the slot at London Heathrow back, but the airline is already in talks with the City of Cape Town to understand what plans of the city are. (jump to ca. 10:38)
South African Airways canceled its direct service between Cape Town <> London after 20 years of service in August 2012 citing declining passenger numbers to the United Kingdom and increasing airport taxes.

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