04 October 2012

South Africa: New camera system to nab speedsters in KwaZulu Natal

South Africa's province KwaZulu Natal has introduced a new camera system which will assist in effectively dealing with speeding motorists and those driving un-roadworthy vehicles on the province's roads. The Average Speed Over Distance (ASD) technology and the Smart Roadblock is able to detect speedsters and un-roadworthy vehicles, so that motorists can no longer take a chance by slowing down at known speed enforcement sites and then speed up again after passing the site ("Time over distance" > Speed = Distance / Time).
The Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR) for the ASD systems are already strategically located on the N3 which is the national strategic corridor linking KwaZulu Natal to other parts of the country. The camera system will also be installed in other parts of the province where there are high volumes of vehicles.

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