01 August 2012

Skateboarding: The Maloof Money Cup is returning to South Africa (28 - 30 Sept 2012)

One of the world's greatest skateboarding events, the Maloof Money Cup, is returning to South Africa and will be will be held from 28 - 30 September 2012 in Kimberley in the Northern Cape. Last year, Kimberley became the 1st location outside of the United States to host the skateboarding event.
Some of the biggest names in international skateboarding, such as Greg Lutzka, Manny Santiago, Andrew Reynolds (all street), Alex Perelson, Adam Taylor and Bob Burnquist (all vert.), as well as locals skaters Christi Wiehahn, Moses Adams and Dlamini Dlamini (all street), will participate in the Maloof Money Cup VIII in Kimberley.

The Maloof Money Cup, which was founded by Gavin and Joe Maloof, is the world's largest skateboarding competition in terms of prize money. Individual skaters can take home as much as $160,000 for winning an event. The Maloof Money Cup's main goal is to raise the awareness of skateboarding all around the world.

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