12 August 2010

South Africa: Shosholoza Meyl train service currently disrupted

UPDATE (18 Oct 2010): Some long-distance train services suspended by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) in August are still not running, the United Transport and Allied Trade Union (Utatu) said on Sunday. [more...]

UPDATE (21 Sept 2010): The service is still disrupted. Several long distance routes had been suspended for over a month now because of operational difficulties with Transnet in servicing the trains [more...]

UPDATE (25 Aug 2010): Current operational routes are:
• JHB-DNB-JHB (the Trans Natal and Premier Classe); and
• JHB-CPT-JHB (Premier Classe only).

UPDATE (18 Aug 2010): PRASA has already started running the Johannesburg <> Durban service again, Johannesburg <> Cape Town will start on Thursday (19 Aug 2010). Buses were being used to transport passengers on other routes. [more...]

UPDATE (16 Aug 2010): The Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa) and Transnet are in "high-level talks" today to try and resolve an impasse that has seen the suspension of Shosholoza Meyl's long-distance service. [more...] 

UPDATE (12 Aug 2010): The Shosholoza Meyl train service is going to run a limited long-distance service nationally for around two weeks! People should call the Shosholoza Meyl call centre on 0860-008888 for further information.

Due to a financial dispute between the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) and Transnet, which is running the Shosholoza Meyl long-distance train service, thousands of train passengers were left stranded yesterday (11 Aug 2010).
Trains in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Durban, Musina and Komatiepoort are currently affected. Buses had been arranged as alternative transport to ferry passengers from stations throughout the regions. A normal service will operate on the Cape Town-Durban route, though.
Stations will continue to make announcements to keep passengers informed of the service disruption and alternative transport arrangements. If you don't have a valid train ticket already, take the bus (Intercape, Greyhound, Translux) or board a plane.
According to PRASA spokeswoman Lillian Mofokeng technical and operations teams were working to re-instate a full service in due course. We'll keep you posted!

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  1. I feel that this is a shocking state of affairs. The country is trying to minimise road traffic and use more rail for freight and passenger as our road are in a bad state with little money to repair them especially in the ANC run provinces.This disruption will send more people to unroadworthy buses and taxi's causing loss of human life.Railways sought yourselves out. Transnet or PRASA you are all one and the same. Stop the TRansnet bosses earning huge bonuses and do some work for a change.