20 August 2010

Addo Elephant National Park: Fence taken down

The 4km fence seperating Addo's Main Game Area from the Colchester Area was taken down by SANparks officials, rangers & volunteers earlier today (20 Aug 2010). [src.]
The dropping of the fence will effectively merge the two areas of the Park to form a 24 000-hectare area, stretching from the Addo Main Camp down to the Park’s Camp Matyholweni rest camp near Colchester on the Algoa Bay coastline. Elephants, lion, hyena and other species will be able to move gradually across to the Colchester area of the Park. Buffalo, zebra and antelope species have already been introduced to the area. Also read "Addo Elephant National Park: New wildlife and roads for Colchester area" (05 Nov 2009)

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