27 June 2019

"Made in South Africa" - a web series about surfing in South Africa! [update]

update (10 October 2019): Red Bull Surfing has released a "Made in South Africa" bonus video featuring Frankie and Koby Oberholzer! Enjoy!

Red Bull Surfing
has put South Africa in focus for its latest installment of "Made In...". Capetonian filmmaker Jason Hearn spent month of filming with some of
South Africa's most legendary surfers for the web series. The first episode of "Made in South Africa" features Cape Town and follows local surfers Mikey February, Jordy Smith, Frank Solomon, Josh Redman, Matt Bromley, and Dale Staples as they surf the cities world-class waves. In the second episode, filmmaker Jason Hearn heads from Cape Town up the coast to Durban, to Cave Rock. In the third episode of "Made in South Africa", Jason meets one of surfing's greatest characters, Frankie Oberholzer.

  • "Made in South Africa" Episode 1 - Exploring The World-Class Waves of Cape Town With The City's Best Surfers
  • "Made in South Africa" Episode 2 - Ricky Basnett Takes Us Inside Durban's Cave Rock Crew 
  • "Made in South Africa" Episode 3 - Catching Up With OG Free Surfer And Search Legend Frankie Oberholzer
  • "Made in South Africa" bonus video - The Extra Footage From Episode 3 Of "Made In South Africa" With Frankie And Koby Oberholzer

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