10 April 2019

South Africa to roll out e-visas in New Zealand in April 2019! [update]

update (12 April 2019): South Africa's e-visa pilot programme in New Zealand is due to run until June 2019, after which it will be rolled out to additional countries, such as China, Nigeria and India, pending the success of the pilot phase.

According to news reports, South Africa's the first ever electronic visa (e-visa) system will be piloted in New Zealand in April 2019. The new visas will allow prospective visitors to apply for a visa online and, once granted, to print the e-visa at home. As of now, New Zealanders have to personally visit one of the two South Africa Visa Application Centres in New Zealand (in Wellington and Auckland) to apply for a visa for South Africa. The standard processing time is a minimum of four weeks.

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