10 September 2018

Cape Town to relax water restrictions!

The City of Cape Town has announced that it will be relaxing its water restrictions by moving from the currenty Level 6B to Level 5. As of 01 October 2018, the water usage target in Cape Town will be increased from 50 litres to 70 litres per person per day and the daily collective consumption target will increase by 50 million litres to 500 million litres to ensure that water conservation efforts remain in place. 

The Western Cape Water Supply System's dams are currently nearing 70% of storage capacity, a very significant improvement on the situation at the end of the previous winter, when they were at 38% capacity. Rainfall remains highly variable, and while May and June saw rainfall close to that of an average year, July had very poor rainfall. This improved somewhat in August and so far in September the positive trend continues.

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