28 September 2018

Malawi to introduce online visa in November 2018! [update]

update (17 June 2019): According to the Nyasa Times, Malawi will lauch e-payment for visas as soon as the country's new minister of home affairs is appointed and is in office. We'll keep you posted!

According to the Nyasa Times, a privately owned online newspaper from Malawi, the Government of Malawi is set to introduce an online visa application process. As of now, the new facility will be implemented at the end of November 2018. Travellers planning to visit the county will then be able to apply for visas online, pay the visa fees online and collect their visa digitally. Malawi's Ministry of Tourism is currenly also planning to cut visa costs due to complains from travellers that visas for Malawi are more expensive than for other countries in the region. We'll keep you posted!

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