07 August 2018

Mozambique: 24 lions to be released in Zambezi Delta!

update (10 September 2018): One of the lions has been killed by poachers. Click here for more information.

The largest conservation transplant of lions across international borders in history is currently taking place in  South Africa and Mozambique. The transfer of 24 lions from the Tembe Elephant Park and the Makalili Game Reserve in  South Africa to a 2.5-million-acre habitat ("Coutada 11") in the Zambezi Delta in central Mozambique commenced on 05 August 2018. Since their arrival in Mozambique, the lions are under quarantine in special bomas where they will form social groups ("prides") to increase their chances of succesfully reintegrating into their new environment.

The transfer of the 24 lions from 
South Africa to Mozambique, which has the the full support of Mozambique's National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), is undertaken by the Cabela Family Foundation ("Twenty Four Lions"), in partnership with Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, Marromeu Safaris and Zambeze Delta Safaris.

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