27 August 2018

Johannesburg: Kaserne Bridge (M2 freeway) closed until end of 2019!

The Kaserne Bridge on the M2 freeway in Johannesburg is closed from today (27 August 2018) until the end of 2019 due to major cracks on the road that need to be repaired. The M2 east is blocked off between the Joe Slovo off-ramp and Maritzburg road. The motorway is a critical route in the Johannesburg road network and authorities have advised motorists to use alternative routes.

The M2 ("Francois Oberholzer Freeway") runs just to the south of
Johannesburg's Central Business District (CBD) eastwards where it connects with the N3 (only a short segment goes to the west of the CBD). The north-south M1 intersects with the M2 just to the west of the CBD.

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