21 July 2017

Tanzania: TANAPA introduced fixed rate concession fees for its 16 National Parks

Tanzanian National Parks (TANAPA), a public organization with the mandate of managing all areas designated as National Parks in Tanzania, has introduced new fixed rate concession fees (pdf) applicable to all permanent facilities (lodge or permanent tented camp) within its 16 National Parks on 01 July 2017.
  • Ruaha National Park - 30USD/Person
  • Serengeti National Park - 50USD/Person
  • Katavi National Park - 30USD/Person
  • Mkomazi National Park - 25USD/Person
  • Mikumi National Park - 30USD/Person
  • Tarangire National Park - 40USD/Person
  • Udzungwa Mountains National Park- 25USD/Person
  • Kilimanjaro National Park - 40USD/Person
  • Mahale Mountains National Park- 30USD/Person
  • Saadane National Park - 30USD/Person
  • Arusha National Park - 40USD/Person
  • Rubondo Island National Park - 30USD/Person
  • Kitulo National Park- 25USD/Person
  • Lake Manyara National Park - 40USD/Person
  • Gombe National Park- 30USD/Person
  • Saanane National Park- 30USD/Person
Concession fees are payable to TANAPA by hoteliers maintaining Lodges and permanent camps within Tanzania's National Parks. The new fixed rate concession fee (pdf) is higher than the previous concession fee (10% of half board), so that travellers can eventually expect increased accommodation rates in TANAPA's National Parks in Tanzania.

Protected areas that are not managed by TANAPA, such as Ngorongoro Conservation Area or Selous Game Reserve, are currently not affected at the moment.

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