26 January 2017

Johannesburg: Braamfontein's vibrant and thriving art scene!

Braamfontein is currently one of the must-see places you shouldn't miss when visiting Johannesburg. The district, also known as Brammies, is home to loads of the city's most popular and hip theatres, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, museums and, of course, art galleries. Braamies [braamies.co.za], an online portal focussed on Braamfontein [also see: Johannesburg: The coffee spots of Braamfontein!], recently produced a video portraying the vibrant and thriving art scene in Braamfontein. Kudos Brammies; enjoy the video!

Stevenson Gallery
62 Juta Street
Braamfontein 2001

Wits Art Museum
1 Jan Smuts Avenue
Braamfontein 2000

The Kalashnikovv Gallery

153 Smit Service Street

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