07 July 2016

Uganda has introduced an online visa application system!

Uganda has introduced an online visa application system (Uganda e-Visa) on 01 July 2016. Anyone intending to visit Uganda for tourism, business, study or other reasons is now required to obtain a visa online. The following types of visa are applicable:
  • multiple-entry visa
  • diplomatic and offical visa
  • ordinary visa
  • East Africa Tourist Visa (multiple entry valid for 90 days to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda)
  • transit visa
How to apply online:
  1. Choose visa or permit type
  2. Fill in the application form
  3. Add the required documents
    (see https://visas.immigration.go.ug/#/help/visa)
  4. Submit your online visa application
If the application gets approved, an approval letter will be sent as an attachment to the email provided by the applicant. This needs to be printed out and be presented together with a valid passport/travel document at the port of entry.

Through the month of July 2016, it is still possible to get visa on arrival. However, the traveller arriving in Uganda has to go through the new electronic application process at the port of entry. This will only apply during July 2016, after which all visa applications shall be online.

Uganda e-Visa

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