10 December 2014

South Africa: Somkhanda Game Reserve welcomes five African Wild Dogs

The Somkhanda Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal, in cooperation with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and its partner organisations, has released a pack of five African Wild Dogs into its reserve on 29 November 2014. The pack had since 12 August 2014 been temporarily held in a boma specifically designed for Wild Dog on the Somkhanda Game Reserve to allow them to bond into a pack and become habituated to the area. The pack comprised three females from Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West Province and two males from Zimanga Game Reserve, also located in KwaZulu Natal. The Somkhanda Game Reserve is currently the 9th reserve to reintroduce African Wild Dogs in South Africa.
Somkhanda Game Reserve is a community-owned game reserve managed by the Wildlands Conservation Trust, in partnership with the Gumbi community. The reserve is situated in northern KwaZulu Natal and is 12 500 ha in extent.

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