14 October 2014

Namibia: Mangetti National Park now open to the public!

Namibia's Minister of Environment and Tourism, Uahekua Herunga, has officially opened the gates of Mangetti National Park for tourism and the general public on 10 Oct 2014. The park, which covers 420km² of savanna landscape, is home to variety of large mammal species such as elephant, eland, rhino, blue wildebeest, plain zebra, giraffe and the rare sable antelope as well as to predators such as leopard, hyena and the extremely rare and endangered African wild dog. According to Minister Uahekua Herunga, Mangetti National Park has a reception centre and proper road network; various species of game have also been reintroduced to the park to boost the already existing populations.

Mangetti National Park, which is situated in the eastern Kalahari woodlands about 110km south west of Rundu in Namibia's Kavango West Region, was already proclaimed a National Park on 15 September 2008.

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