22 October 2014

Lonely Planet ranked South Africa second in "Best Value Destination for 2015"!

Great news for the South African tourism industry. Lonely Planet ranked South Africa second in the "Best Value Destination for 2015" category in next year's editon of Best in Travel. Congratulations! The travel guide book publisher names the following reasons for selecting South Africa as the second best country to stretch your travel budget in 2015:
"Currency fluctuations mean that for certain travellers South Africa is more affordable than it has been for many years. Instead of just rejoicing in the undercooked rand, consider what South Africa offers value-seeking travellers at any time. How about fantastically accessible wildlife watching for all budgets, bargain public (and traveller-friendly) transport and free entry to many of the country’s museums? Most visitors will find something to please their budget, whether it’s a cheap-and cheerful Cape Town seaside cafe or an affordable safari campsite. Come in South Africa's shoulder seasons (March to May, September and October) for the best combination of low crowds and comfortable weather." [Read more]

Best in Travel is produced annually as a guide to the top destinations, trends and experiences for the upcoming year. Other countries on Lonely Planet's list of Best Value Destinations for 2015 include Tunisia (#1), Shanghai (#3), Samoa (#4), Bali (#5), Uruguay (#6), Portugal (#7), Taiwan (#8), Romania (#9) and Burkina Faso (#10).

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