06 February 2014

Lion Park near Johannesburg: Giraffe casually walks through restaurant (video)

Wildlife is unpredictable and acutally does what it wants to do and so does the giraffe in the video below. The approx. 5-meter tall female decided one day to casually walk through a restaurant tent in the Lion Park near Johannesburg, while park goers enjoy a meal and work on their laptops. The giraffe even found a snack of her choice in the restaurant... #onlyinAfrica

The Lion Park, located near Lanseria International Airport and Fourways, is a 2 km² lion wildlife conservation enclosure. It understands itself not as a game reserve or even a Zoo, but as a breeding ground and sanctuary for important species. The Lion Park is home to over 80 lions including the rare white lions and many other carnivores such as cheetah, wild dog, brown hyena, striped hyena, spotted hyena, black-backed jackal, side-striped jackal, and a wide variety of antelope which roam freely in the antelope area.

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