28 January 2014

The street culture of South Africa (videos)

Sprite, the lemon-lime flavored soft drink, and The Fader, an independent Manhattan-based music/style/art/culture magazine, have teamed up to spotlight South Africa’s vibrant, emerging street culture through their brandnew "Obey You Collective: South Africa" campaign. During the month of January and February 2014 [update: and March 2014], Sprite & The Fader will present a series of six video documentaries highlighting some of South Africa’s most creative and interesting talents to bring you a look at the arts coming out of South Africa
A mini-documentary about Braamfontein, known as one of the Johannesburg's most creative neighborhoods, is the first video of the series. We will add the upcoming videos to the playlist below. Enjoy!

All the films are via the amazing eye of South African director Adriaan Louw of we-are-awesome. Kudos Sprite, The Fader & Adriaan!
  1. South Africa - Braamfontein: A Creative Community in Johannesburg
  2. South Africa - Rooftop Braai (Johannesburg)
  3. South Africa - pastel heART Shows Us His Streets
  4. South Africa - pastel heART Painting (Durban
  5. South Africa - Stance in Cape Town
  6. South Africa - Tarryn Alberts' World (Cape Town)
  7. South Africa - Dancing with Tarryn Alberts (Cape Town)
  8. South Africa - On the Street with Gasak (Pietermaritzburg)
  9. South Africa - Gasak's Graffiti (Pietermaritzburg)
  10. South Africa - Tony Dangler is Comin' Up (Johannesburg
  11. South Africa - Tony Dangler's "No Manners" (Johannesburg)
  12. South Africa - Lenny Mogoba's Got Game (Johannesburg)
  13. South Africa - On the Court with Lenny Mogoba (Johannesburg

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